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What an INFLOR partnership offers your forest investment

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Posted on January 3, 2022 | Features and Benefits INFLOR Forest Meet INFLOR

Explore how you can make smarter decisions for your timberland asset with our software solutions and valued partnership


As a timberland investor, your forest management goals are focused on finding ways to maximize the full potential of your land and accelerate your business growth. 

Although you may rely on technical experts to directly manage your forest asset, you’re constantly looking for solutions, products, and partners that can help your team get the best possible return on your investment. 

With our solutions and valued partnership, our team at INFLOR is committed to helping you streamline and scale your operations across the whole forest chain from land management and seedling production to planting, harvesting, and wood hauling.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of an INFLOR partnership, keep reading to learn what you can count on us to provide you as a timberland investor.


Forest management software solution

As a part of our trusted partnership, the principal benefit we offer our clients is the utilization of INFLOR Forest—a solution capable of controlling, tracking, and managing your forestry business. 

INFLOR Forest combines the powers of monitoring and questioning with the tools and access to data you need to gain better insights and yield the best results. The solution allows you to learn from the data collected in your previous cycle of production to generate better results in the next cycle, fostering continuous improvement in both our forest management software and your timberland investment.

With the ability to function from anywhere with internet access, INFLOR Forest’s integrated and efficient management tools provide:

  • Agility in data collection in the field
  • Elimination of data input errors
  • Improved communication between office and field
  • Anticipation of validation errors
  • And more. 


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Streamlined processes

Implementing a forest management plan can be a challenge with most investors utilizing a variety of different software solutions to collect data in each region where they manage forests. 

Unlike most forest management solutions, you can streamline and unify all of your processes across the whole forest chain with INFLOR Forest, under one managed umbrella.

Our multi-language, multi-user, customizable forest management solution allows you to parametrize specific business rules to your company and collect data through reports, data cubes, BI integrations, and Excel spreadsheets.


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In-depth training

With a software solution as sophisticated as INFLOR Forest, we’re prepared to provide your team with in-depth training on how to properly utilize the tools during the implementation phase of our partnership.

We’ll teach you how to most effectively plan and control all stages of the production chain, monitor your physical and financial variables, simulate scenarios, set targets, calculate costs, and more. 

Our team will take you through the step-by-step process, so that you and your team feel confident in your abilities to maximize the power of INFLOR Forest for your forest investment. 


Expert consultancy

At INFLOR, we are committed to cultivating trusted, long-term relationships with our clients instead of merely supplying a software solution.

As a part of this valued partnership, we also offer our clients forest management digital process consultancy with our IT consultants who have over twenty years of experience in the forestry sector. 

Our consultancy services go beyond the in-depth training we provide for you to utilize our software solutions. With our forest management IT expertise, you’ll gain a competitive edge with improved productivity and the in-depth knowledge you need to increase the profitability and performance of your agricultural assets. 


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Continued support

As part of your INFLOR partnership, you’ll gain continued, long-term support from our team even after you’ve mastered the usage of our software and begun to reap the benefits of a streamlined forest management process. 

You and your team can count on INFLOR as your trusted technology partner to help you make smarter decisions for your timberland investment for the life cycle of your ownership. 

“We’ve perfected a unified system to manage companies’ forestry needs,” shares Antonio Tatagiba, CEO at INFLOR LLC. “We are not just an IT company; we are able to create a relationship, exchange data and achieve the goals and results for each company we partner with.”


Maximize your forest investment with INFLOR!

In addition to the robust capabilities of INFLOR Forest, you can count on our team to provide you with streamlined processes, expert consultancy, in-depth training, and continued support as you work to improve your forest management processes.

We also offer a robust suite of additional technology services that you can add on to utilize as a part of our valued partnership including Application Management Service (AMS), SAP Consultancy, Custom Software Development, and more. 

With three new projects recently closed in South America and continued plans for further expansion into North America, our team is excited to help even more investors and companies as we grow around the world.


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