{{INFLOR Forest}}

Make smarter decisions with the right information at your fingertips.

INFLOR’s forest management solutions help you nurture your investment, with all the tools and data you need to gain better insights and yield the best results.

With INFLOR Forest, you have complete control of your investment. You can plan and control all stages of the production chain, monitor your physical and financial variables, simulate scenarios, set targets, calculate costs, and more.

{{Key benefits}}

INFLOR Forest’s integrated and efficient management tools uncomplicate your day-to-day work, ensuring quality and traceability in all stages of the process.

  • Ultimate mobility

    With INFLOR Forest, you can count on a set of critical applications which can work entirely offline, directly from the field.

  • Repeatability & scale

    By defining forest processes and standardizing activities, INFLOR Forest provides you with compliance and continued business intelligence.

  • Cost reduction

    Through operational improvements, customized systems and optimal resource management, you can reduce your forest budget by an average of 2–8%.

  • Insights & better decisions

    With advanced analytics and monitoring tools, you’ll stay on track with your investment targets and quality assurance goals.

INFLOR Forest is the leading forest management solution for:

  • TIMOs, REITS and Institutional Investors
  • Industry and Energy
  • Forest Management
  • Conservation and State Government
  • and more.

{{Technical Features}}

As a leader in bio-asset management, INFLOR’s continuous innovation means quality solutions to support people and producers.

  • Access from anywhere

    INFLOR Forest is created in the WEB platform and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

  • Seamless integration

    INFLOR Forest can be integrated into your existing infrastructure or used in the cloud.

  • Built for teams

    Our solutions are multi-language and multi-user, with the ability to create profile rules and different access credentials.

  • Simple data extraction

    INFLOR Forest allows data extraction through several report types, including Excel spreadsheets.

Learn how INFLOR Forest helps grow {{real results}}

Frequently asked questions {{about INFLOR Forest}}

Is there a restriction on the number of users that can use the system? Is the license by user?

There is no restriction on the number of users. The license of the solution is by company, by economic group or by the property area in acres or hectares. INFLOR has many plans that fit the unique needs of each client.

What exactly do you mean by GIS module? Is there integration between this and ESRI ArcGIS?

INFLOR Forest solution’s GIS module is composed of applications to manipulate, analyze, manage and provide data for visualization.

Those applications directly use ESRI ArcGIS tools and are specially made for the forest area, containing procedures that group dozens of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server functions to automatize daily processes, increasing the productivity of the geoprocessing team.

GISAgri Desktop, for instance, is a maintenance application that automatizes spatial data validation functions, ensuring that stands belong to a valid city and there is no overlap, controlling permanent preservation areas and legal reservation, etc.

GIS module applications are totally integrated with the modules of INFLOR Forest: forestry register, inventory, silviculture, harvest, events, and others. This allows the system to: prevent updates to areas of stand that are in harvesting; perform the automatic cycle and rotation turn when the stand cycle is ended; facilitate the management of events that generate impacts in the areas; generate reports for the depletion module, to enable the cost transfer.

As our solution is fully integrated, you will have an easy way to share comprehensive information related to your business using maps and the data generated on your forest operation.

Does the INFLOR Forest solution have integration with some ERP system?

Yes. INFLOR Forest is provided in 2 distinct platforms that adapt to the business needs of each client. One is fully developed in SAP Portal platform, meaning it’s already natively integrated to SAP ERP. The other is developed in Microsoft .NET, with a list of more than 180 SAP ERP integration interfaces.

INFLOR also develops integration with other ERPs according to the specific needs of each client.

How does the programming work for the availability of INFLOR Forest solutions version upgrade?

INFLOR has a strong commitment to continuous improvement in its solutions. We strongly invest in research and development to ensure our products are always updated according to business processes and available technologies. To achieve this, INFLOR has a program to release 1 version upgrade each month.

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