Improve efficiency and cultivate success with the right spatial management systems.

Geographic intelligence for smarter decision making

Looking for better insights into the performance of your agribusiness? GISagri helps you distribute geographic information intelligently, allowing you to view maps with property data from anywhere.

With GISagri, you can manage your properties in an efficient and simplified way with a comprehensive set of GIS tools with powerful web, desktop, and mobile solutions.

{{Key benefits}}

Learn how GISagri’s suite of agricultural process management tools can help you control your information with simplicity, reliability, and traceability.

  • Always know what’s happening

    With automatic updates of maps and business information, you always have an overview of what is happening in your areas. You can also download your areas of interest and have your maps always with you.

  • Find locations easily

    Search the map for information about your business and make strategic analyzes in a simple, intelligent way.

  • Collect information in the field

    Ensure the quality of your activities and reduce the time it takes to receive field information with the use of tablets and cell phones, online or offline.

  • Know where you’re going

    Map routes to your areas according to the criteria and restrictions that matter most to your business.

As a leader in bio-asset management, INFLOR’s continuous innovation means quality solutions to support people and producers.

  • Sugar-energy Industry
  • Multicultural
  • and more.

{{Technical Features}}

  • Geographic Data

    Structured geodatabase to manage your land, automating topology and business validation, including a user-friendly interface to evaluate changes and identify/rectify errors

  • Mobility

    Shared maps, business data, GPS navigation and customized workflows that support you to report incidents or events directly in the field (fire damage, pest and disease, quality inspection, and others).

  • Maps

    Take advantage of a comprehensive WEB Maps Portal that’s accessible from anywhere with internet access or share it to be used on the mobile application in an offline way. You can join your business data with spatial visualization.

  • Imagery

    Use the ESRI imagery set or bring your own imagery to enrich your spatial evaluation, either online, using the Maps portal or offline, sharing it with the mobile app.

Learn how GISagri helps grow {{real results}}

Frequently asked questions {{about GISagri}}

Is there a restriction on the number of users that can use the system? Is the license by user?

There are no restrictions on the number of users that can use the system, depending only on the type of system licensing contracted.

For organizations that have the INFLOR Forest solution, GIS module, there are no restrictions on the numbers of users, since these users have permissions to access GISagri.

To use the GISagri Mobile solution, the license can be acquired per device or per user tier.

Is there a need to license other software?

Yes. To share maps to be used on GISagri Mobile is necessary to configure them using license level Basic or higher of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop.

How many simultaneous accesses are possible on GISagri Mobile?

There is no limit.

Does the GISagri Mobile solution have integration with other solutions from INFLOR?

Yes, GISagri solution is totally integrated with INFLOR Forest solution, serving as the GIS platform for all spatial interactions.

Which kind of information can be shared on GISagri Mobile?

All spatial information can be shared on the mobile solution, and considering that the GIS system is fully integrated with the forestry solution, information regarding costs, physical advances, stocks, and more can be utilized by the mobile solution.

Do I need an internet connection to use GISagri Mobile?

No. The internet connection is just required to download maps and data or to upload data generated on the mobile. Apart from these two occasions, all use can be performed entirely offline.

Do I need to buy INFLOR Forest solution to obtain GISagri Mobile?

No. GISagri Mobile can be purchased separately from the INFLOR Forest Solution.

Can I use images from satellites and drones on GISagri Mobile?

Yes, it is possible and we encourage you to configure your own base maps for online and offline use on GISgari Mobile.

Is there a possibility to configure my own network model to use on GISgri Mobile? If yes, is there some license required?

Yes. You can use your own roads database to plot routes and navigate on this using the GISagri mobile application and for this, no license is required. You only need the ESRI Network Analyst Desktop Extension to configure the route’s model.

Ready to maximize the performance of your agricultural asset with GISagri?