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INFLOR partners with leading global paper-based packaging company

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Posted on July 6, 2022 | INFLOR News

Smurfit Kappa prepares its Colombian-based operations to benefit from INFLOR solutions and support


INFLOR is proud to announce our partnership with Smurfit Kappa.  

As a FTSE 100 company, Smurfit Kappa is a leading global paper-based packaging provider with over 350 production sites across 36 countries, including Europe and the Americas. In Latin America specifically, they are the only large-scale pan-regional provider. 

In a similar fashion to other paper-product producing companies in Latin America, Smurfit Kappa’s operations in that region act as an integrated manufacturer with its own forestry operation, recycling system, and pulp production.

With the supply of paper of such vital importance to their operations, Smurfit Kappa decided to partner with INFLOR to support the management of their forest operations. The company will utilize the entire module suite of INFLOR Forest, our forest management system. They will also render additional support services such as forest management process consultancy, taking advantage of the know-how of our consultants to standardize and implement good practices, and SAP consultancy. 

At INFLOR, the main premise of partnerships with clients is mutual and continuous evolution through lasting alliances that result in virtuous forestry cycles.

“It is gratifying to start this project with Smurfit Kappa as well as having our first customer in Colombia. It will undoubtedly be a partnership with mutual contributions to our companies, processes, and products,” says Antonio Tatagiba, INFLOR LLC CEO.


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With an INFLOR partnership, you can count on us as a trusted technology partner to help you make smarter decisions for your timberland investment. 

We are committed to cultivating trusted, long-term relationships with our clients instead of merely supplying a forest management technology solution. That means that in addition to having a solution capable of controlling, tracking and managing your forestry business, you can count on us to provide streamlined processes, expert consultancy, in-depth training, and continued support.


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